Foursma Physic Club

SMAN 4 Denpasar Physics Club is a place to distribute their talents and interests of students of SMAN 4 Denpasar who like in physics



Some universities that hold a contest of physics:

And the most prestigious:

Yoga Dwipayana : Bronze Medal in IPhO
I Made Riko : Participant of APhO 2002
Ridwan Salim S :

Silver Medal in OSN 2006

    Bronze Medal in APhO 2006
Yuni Indriani Hadi : Bronze Medal in OSN 2008
I Wyn Gede Tanjung K : Silver Medal in OSN 2009
    Gold Medal in OSN 2010
    Silver Medal in IZhO 2011
    Participant of APhO 2011
Hendrawan Palgunadi : Silver Medal in OSN 2011
Werdi Wedana : Silver Medal in OSN 2011
    Participant of IPhO 2012
Wiswa Naradha : Paticipant of OSK 2012
    Paticipant of  OSP 2012
Windu Sara : Paticipant of  OSK 2012
    Paticipant of OSP 2012