Peserta didik yang memiliki bakat dalam bidang akademik tertentu bisa mengikuti klub belajar. Dalam klub belajar akan mendapatkan fasilitas yang lebih dari teman-temannya yang tidak mengikuti klub. Fasilitas tersebut berupa pembinaan oleh alumni, guru, dan pembina khusus klub dari guru bidang studi dan dosen. SMAN 4 Denpasar memiliki 11 klub belajar diantaranya Klub Biologi, Fisika, Matematika, Kimia, Astronomi, Komputer, Ekonomi, Geografi dan Kebumian, Bahasa Inggris,  Bahasa Jerman, dan Klub Bahasa Jepang.




 The second International Science Youth Forum (ISYF) Singapore 2010 aim to encourage mutual exchange and sharing of knowledge, skill and experiences  

 A. Objectives

1        Inspire Passion for Science Amongst Youth. ISYF aims to provide high – ability students with ample opportunity to be innovative and creative. The programmed hopes to develop in them a global mindset in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

2        Establish Cooperation and Friendship amongst Young Talented Science Students. Students will have many opportunities to interact and form strong bonds with one another.

3        Build Capacities of Science Educators. Through professional sharing, training, workshops and networking with scientists and among science educator, ISYF helps build the competencies of teachers.

4        The forum aims also to provide students with an avenue for intellectual dialogue and engagement with Nobel Laureates and other eminent scientists.

This will create greater awareness amongst the youth about the importance of broad-based knowledge, diverse, interests, deep passion, tenacity and a global perspective in the pursuit of science excellence.

 B.               Descriptions

The second International Science Youth Forum (ISYF) Singapore 2010 aim to encourage mutual exchange  and sharing of knowledge, skill and experiences.

 C.               Participants :

 1.I Made Pageh Yasa, S.Pd (Teacher)

 2.I Gede Bagus Ananda Pratama (student)

 3.I Gusti Agung Ari Keresna Narayana (student)

 4.Putu Wisnu Arya Wardana (student)

 D.                The participating schools are:

 1        Malaysia (SMJK Chung Ling Pulau Pinang) and (TheMalayCollege Kuala Kangsar)

 2        Thailand (TriamudomSuksaSchool) and (SuratpittayaSchool)

 3        Philippine ( Philippine science High School)

 4        Vietnam (High School for Gifted Pupils) and (Dao Duy Tu High School)

 5        Indonesia ( SMAN 4 Dps) andBinusInternationalSchool Simprug)

 6        China (The High School ofXianJiaotongUniversity) and (ShanghaiEastYananMiddle School)

 7        Hongkong  (DiocesanGirlsSchool)

 8        Taiwan (TaipeiMunicipalJianguoHigh School) and ( Taipei First Girls high School)

 9        Japan (Senior High School at Otsuka) and (AzabuHigh School)

 10    Korea ( Korean Minjok Leadership academy)

 11    Brunei Darussalam

 D.          Performing

 Day       : Monday - Saturday

 Date      : 18th- 22nd January 2010

 Place      : Hwa-Chong Institution,Singapore.

 E.     Students And Educators Programme Highlights

 a.       The Amazing Race

 Kick off your week long ISYF journey with an exciting race around the sunnyislandofSingapore. Complete the various ROADBLOCK task which will require you to put your science knowledge to test; Unite as a team to outwit, outrun and outplay all the others as you strive to be the first to arrive at the PIT STOP-there are attractive prizes to be won

 b.      Dialogue With Nobel Laureates

The dialogue session is a key avenue for students and educators to engage in intellectual discussion and close interaction with Nobel Laureates and other eminent scientists.

During this daily feature, join them in pondering difficult issues, perhaps catching a clearer glimpse of the characters behind the outstanding achievements and the life of one dedicated to science progress.

Nobel Laureates and Panel Speakers:

 1.      Professor David J. Gross  (Professor Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics,University ofCalifornia atSanta Barbara,USA)

 2.      Dr. Richard J. Roberts (Joint Research Director,New England Biolabs)

 3.       Professor Jerome I. Friedman (Professor,MIT,USA)

 4.      Professor Douglas D. Osheroff (Professor, Stanford, USA)

 5.      Dr. Phyllis Osheroff (Scientific Advisor, Cheng Xin Tecnology Development Corp,Taiwan)

 6.      Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng (NUS,Singapore)

 7.      Associate Professor Subramaniam s/o Ramanathan (NIE, NIU, Singapore)

 c.       Culture Hour

 Share with fellow participants some information about your school, country and culture. At the same time, gain a deeper understanding of other culture and appreciation of our culture diversity.

 d.      Book Circle

Share your thoughts about a book with your friends and spread the joy of reading! Each particular role in the group offers a chance to contribute in a unique way towards a fruitful discussion. In the process, you will be able to enhance your reading skills and examine perspectives other than your own,


Day 0  Sunday, 17 January 2010

Arrival on HwaChongInstitusionBoarding Schoolin the afternoon. We go to our room and put bag and every thing. We rest a moment and after that we have lunch at 12 pm and until 6 pm we going around the boarding school and escorted by facilitators. At 6 pm we have dinner together with other participants I was surprise that I can met many talent students on their country around asia. We are going make friends and communicate with them During the Dinner we also have short briefing for tomorrow Monday. They said we  must not woke up late and be punctual also wearing IYSF Red polo T-shirt And after we finished we must go for light off.

 Day 1  Monday, 18 January 2010

Wake up at 5 am and take a bath and get ready for the the first day.We have breakfast at 06.30 am on the dining hall. After that we must go attend morning assembly on School field. This is the open ceremony for us and introduces the guest to the principle and the other students on HwaChong Institution. We also watch the flag ceremony of Singaporean students and their marching band. At 8.00 am we are going to Sciences Research Centre (SRC) to attend welcome address from committee of IYSF. At 9.00, we tour around college and prepare for brainstorm at 10 am at Hall. We do many task and discussion about the topic that given by us since December 2009. Each group has their own topic and unique fat Question to us. After that, we have to create a poster to represent our thought. After finished we go for lunch on college canteen. We eat green rice and it’s very exciting coz we haven’t met any green rice before. Haha At 2 pm we are ready for Rocks! Amazing Race!! We split into nine groups and must hanging around Singaporeto do many task, riddle, solving the problem related to Physic, Biology, Math, and Chemistry. Every group has two facilitators to bringing us to first station at MarinaBay. We must answer the question related to tourism object in the first.  After that, we go to Esplanade for our sake and solve physic problem on there. Next, we go to whealt fountain. We solve genetic code problem and we getting more enthusiastic. Our group must have good teamwork and trust to the others. The final station is on the Singapore Flyer!! Wow! It is amazing after we tired run and run seeing many things at the end we fly on the aboveSingapore at night!

Wow, this is very beautiful! Sg flyers are the biggest flyer in the world and have big capacity in every dock. So fantastic, isn’t it? haha. Near that SG flyer we also have dinner at MakanSutra. We have to choose free for own food we want. After dinner, we are going back to HCI boarding school and light off.

Day 2 Tuesday 19 January 2010

       We have breakfast in the morning and at 8 am, we have culture hour. Students presentated their country culture and their school. At 9 am we have go to classroom to have dialogue with Nobel Laureates. We have dialogue with Professor David J. Gross. The Discussed opened by moderator Kong Hong Nan. The topic that we discussed is about the sciences most important and relevant in today’s context. We are very enthusiastic especially ari kresna that have brave to ask question to Professor. Hoh wow!

        After we have focused dialogue with Nobel laureates, we have to prepare our research symposium and poster. At 12 pm, we have lunch at college canteen. I like this menu especially the curry, grilled fish and pork. They are very delicious and Singaporean food. Near the Chinese New Year, they have preparation to make pork. Therefore, these are so many. (Haha). After that we have to presentated our poster and attended the symposium by keynote from NTU at auditotium in the college. At 17.30 pm, we go back to HCIBS. At 18.00, we go to Nigth Safari! wow it’s so exciting and make me feel the true beauty of our nature in the world. At Night safari in SG we can see many creature and animal from different ecosystem especially tropic forest, desert, seabed, savanna, and so on. We also watch attraction from Humbawamba Forest Group. They perform Fire Burst attraction. They are very fantastic like fire man! Burst Burst ! Like a fire Dragon.. At 22.00 pm, we go back to HCIBS and Light Off.

Day 3 Wednesday 20 January 2010


        As well, we have breakfast at 6.30 am. We perform our culture fromBaliat cultural hour. We were doing the best for that time! Yeahh ! At 9 am, we have focused dialogue with Professor Osheroff. Today topic is “are the social responsibilities faced by scientist becoming more complicated in recent times” We have though time to thinking deep about that problem. We must see it from many aspect included social, ethic, and culture.

But at the end we are very satisfaction for what we learn from Professor Osheroff.

At 10.30 am we have to do book circle with our teammate and discussed it base on our role. I (ari kresna) become connector must present the connection between text and the relevant in our life. My book is about Mary Curi Biography. The thickness is about 330 papers and writes down in English. Every student has 1,5 month to reading their books and prepare for their role in the book circle today. The discussion is very amazing. We share many things base on our knowledge in reading the books. I get much knowledge and of course, the moral message from the book. After book circle, we have to go to college canteen. We have lunch on there. At 14.00 am, we have main ceremony Nobel Forum at auditorium. After that, we get back to HCIBS and we have dinner at Dining Hall. At 19.30 we have to attend A*STAR attachment. The other and I have to separated and go to many place. My group and I go to Biopolis. We see many scientists doing research in Biopolis and we sit and see the presentation educator Biopolis. At 22.30 we go back to HCIBS and Light Off.

Day 4 Thursday, 21 January 2010

       As well, we have breakfast and cultural hour. At 9 am, we have focus dialogue with Nobel laureates. Today topic focused on. After that, we go to Fusiopolis at 10.30 am. We get back to HCIBS at 6 pm and have breakfast at dining hall. For the rest of time we discuses the dialogue and make report. We also practice for the dance item for dinner and dance at Raffles Town on tomorrow Friday.  At 10.30 pm light off

Day 5 Friday 22 January 2010

       Ow man,. Every one face looks pale. Why? Because this is the last day we have and doing many activities together. At 9 am, we have focus dialogue and this is the last to met the professor. Therefore, we take a photo with them. At 10.30 am, we have to do group discussion at computer lab. After that we also submitted it to committee. At12 pm, time for lunch at college canteen. At 1 pm we visitNanyangTechnologyUniversity. After that we go back to HCIBS and preparation for go toRafflesTown. We wear formal dress, pantofel, and blazer. We from SMAN 4 Denpasar perform Jauk Dance. We are attract all of participants because our costume are so great. Haha. After that, we perform our Group dance. This moment are very well and make this night become unforgettable. We also take many pictures with the other participant and committee or facilitators. After at 11 pm we go back to HCIBS. And light off.

Day 6 Saturday 23 January 2010

        Have breakfast with sad on eyes and pale on face. With farewell and exchange souvenir with the participants. The whole days are free. Therefore, we hanging aroundSingaporeuntil flight go back toBaliat 6 pm.

D.   Conclusion

a.             This activities is very good to development Science and knowledge for teachers and students

b.            We can understand culture from other country.

c.             We have more a lot of friends from other country

d.            We can exchange of think about experience teaches

e.             Than other country, we need to study again about discipline, cleanness, authority of ICT.

E.           Suggestions

a.             To can rival of the other country, we shall more study energetic again about ICT, management of teaching and learning processes.

b.            Adding of facilities as experiment tools (Chemistry, Biology, Physic, computer, sporting tools, etc)

c.              Increase of discipline, cleanness in the school.

d.            Follow always this program, because it is important to knowledge and science development of teachers and students.


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