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Student Activity

The Best Program


    A. Remedial And Enrichment Program
                - Preparing the Student to face the Final Test and SPMB(A Test to enter The University)
                - Done every week, in the Afternoon(Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, 03.00pm until 06.00pm)

    B. Quality Improvement Program
                - Preparing the Student to face the Competition and Olympiad
                - There are some Club based of Student's Skill, such as:

            Mathematic Club
            Physic Club
            Chemistry Club
            Biology Club
            Astronomy Club
            Computer Club
            English Club
            Social Club

    C. English Program
               - English Day
               - English Area

            Speech Contest
            News Reading

    D. E-Learning Program
              - E-Library
              - Global Communication
              - IEARN and ASP-Net
              - Free Internet

    E. Comparison Study Program
              - Visiting The Favorite High School
              - Visiting The Science Center And Technology
              - Visiting The Famous University in Java
              - Visiting The History Center and Government Center

    F. Schoolarship Program
              - This Program Dedicated to The Student, as Follow:

            She or He has the Achievement But Less in Economy
            Reward Student Of Year
            Free House for The Student who come from isolated region

    G. Human Resources Development Program
              - The Activity of This Program, there are:
                              -Speak English
                              -Development of Silabus, Lesson Plan, Material Test With ICT
                              -Making E-Learning Medium WIth ICT
                              -PAS (School Administration Management)
                              -INternet and Network
                              -Comparison Study

    H. Partnership Program

                -- The Activity of This Program, there are Partnership program with sister school

                              -KNUE of Korea

            -Piece Scondary Singapore

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