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What is English Club Foursma?

 Kunjungi :

English Club Foursma, or sometimes called as E-club Foursma an official club dedicated for students of SMAN 4 Denpasar who loves English language and also for those who have the aim to achieve trophies and as many achievements during their high school years in English Language field. It is very important to note down that we do not teach Basic English, but we teach how to do public speaking. We are divided into 4 divisions; speech, debate, news casting and storytelling.  Each student is allowed to choose more than 1 division, but if he/she got accepted into 3 divisions-for example- he/she must be able to manage the time and make priority. For the year of 2011-2012, English Club Fourma is led by Carrisa Tehputri as President.

When is the club meeting?

We hold the meeting every Thursday from 1 pm-2.30 pm, the 1st and 3rd week is for news casting and storytelling while the 2nd and 4th week is for debate and speech division. But special for the debate division, since it is new for some students unlike the other 3 divisions, we are going to teach everything from the very basic points-which takes time and we hold meetings during Jeda Pemsor from 1.30 pm to 3 pm.


How to join English Club Foursma and how many are accepted annually?

We accept 20-30 members via selection in form of interview annually. We are not going to ask either complicated questions or high level grammars, so don’t doubt yourselves to give it a try- joining English Club Foursma is one of the best decision most of us ever made.

What is the achievement of E-Club Foursma- if there’s any?  


There are already hundreds of achievements which are achieved by our members. For the year of 2011(started from July)-2012 only, we achieved 30 trophies, 8 medals and 5 best speakers’ title from local to national scale competitions. even admits SMAN 4 Denpasar as a school with the best English debate with no doubt, regarding to our achievements as the 1
st and 2nd place in ALSA English Debate, Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia 2012. It was the very first time in history that one institution is dominating the grandfinal stage and even the speaker tab- where our speakers got the 1st (Carrisa Tehputri), 2nd(Ida Ayu Pradnya Paramita), 4th(Alanna Deborah Letedara), 6th (Mulyawati Moeliono) ,8th (IGB Gloria Kusuma Pradana) and 15th (Anyssa Rizka) place. We also got 6 back-to-back champion (being champion for 2 consecutive years) titles during 2011-2012 which are:


1.       NSDC Regional Selection 2011 & 2012

2.       Equilibrium Science Fair 2011 & 2012

3.       NSDC Provincial Selection 2011 & 2012

4.       Brawijaya English Tournament 2011 & 2012

5.       ALSA FH Universitas Indonesia English Debate 2011 & 2012

6.       International Relation English Competition Universitas Gadjah Mada 2011 & 2012


The best speaker title are also dominated by our members during the year of 2011-2012, they are:


1.      Carrisa Tehputri- Best Speaker of NSDC Provincial Selection 2011


2.       Mulyawati Moeliono- Best Speaker of KOMPeK Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia 2012

3.       Ida Ayu Pradnya Paramita- Best Speaker of FISIP English Debate Universitas Udayana 2012

4.       Carrisa Tehputri- Best Speaker of ALSA Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia 2012

5.       Alanna Deborah- Best Speaker of International Relation English Competition UGM 2012

6.       Carrisa Tehputri- Best Speaker of National Schools Debating Championship 2012


Our latest achievement is becoming the champion of National Schools Debating Championship 2012 which was held on the 30th of June-6th of July 2012 in Jakarta. Tim Bali represented by Carrisa Tehputri, Mulyawati Moeliono and Ida Ayu Pradnya Paramita succeeded to break 1st as the team with the highest margin and highest team score, clean sweep til the Grand Final round where they defeated Sulawesi Selatan 11-0. All 3 speakers also proceeded to top 8 where Carrisa Tehputri was crowned as the 1st Best Speaker, Ida Ayu Pradnya Paramita as the 2nd Best Speaker and Mulyawati Moeliono as the 4th Best Speaker. They will be proceeding to top 4 selections which will be held around September. If they make it, they will be a part of team Indonesia to Worlds School Debating Championship 2013 in Antalya, Turkey.


International Achievements


Previously, E-Club Foursma members already represented Indonesia for 7 times in WSDC. Those top achievers are:


1.       Putu Norma Astyari- the delegate of Indonesia to WSDC Seoul 2007

2.       A.A Sg Dwinta Kuntaladara- the delegate of Indonesia to WSDC in Washington DC, USA 2008

3.       Wildan Al Hadjri- the delegate of Indonesia to WSDC in Washington DC, USA 2008

4.       A.A Sg Dwinta Kuntaladara- the delegate of Indonesia to WSDC in Athens, Greece 2009

5.       Garlan Archista Duarsa- the delegate of Indonesia to WSDC in Doha, Qatar 2010

6.       Revaldi N. Wirabuana- the delegate of Indonesia to WSDC in Cape Town, South Africa 2012

7.       Revian N. Wirabuana- the delegate of Indonesia to WSDC in Cape Town, South Africa 2012


If you love English language and you are willing to make your high school years memorable by achieving trophies, experience and a new family, feel free to join us on English Club Foursma..

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