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Frederikus Hudi

Frederikus HudiHi, my name is Frederikus Hudi, you may call me Hudi or Fredy. I’m 18 y.o. collegiate student of Bina Nusantara University.

I really love programming, and badly wanna be a great programmer throughout the world.  I use the username lintao / lintaor1, the name came from a character of “Shaman King”, lintaoren. In Programming Contest, I have reached my target of becoming one of four students to represent Indonesia to IOI. Right now, my aim is becoming a World Finalist ACM-ICPC.

Not only programming, I also love soccer and music. I often play futsal with my classmates in high school, it’s very fun !! Usually I play as goal keeper, yet my heart often yells for making goals, what a dilemma. In music, I prefer J-pop and K-pop such as Yoshioka Yui, Younha, Monkey Majik, Yiruma, and Depapepe. I really love music, it’s the most miraculous thing I’ve ever known. I join the choir team of Binus as a tenor.


Well, I have a lot of wishes, and I would let Him decide the best for me. But, I won’t lose no matter what. That’s why I have to try my best !!

~ Hoping for the Best by Anticipating the Worst ~
[Frederikus Hudi]


My Achievements as Undergrad Student :

  • Rank 1 – ITB Senior Programming Contest 2011 {team, FlyingBee} [National]
  • Rank 2 – ACM-ICPC Asia Nasionals, Indoesia National Contest 2011 {team, Apis Volans} [National]

My Achievements in High-School :

  • Bronze – International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 2011 [International]
  • Rank 4 – Pelatihan Nasional 3 Tim Olimpiade Komputer Indonesia (TOKI) 2011 [National]
  • HM – Asia–Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO) 2011 [International]
  • Rank 1 – Pelatihan Nasional 2 Tim Olimpiade Komputer Indonesia 2011 [National]
  • Rank 1 – National Programming Contest 2010 Schematics [National]
  • Rank 3 – Pelatihan Nasional 1 Tim Olimpiade Komputer Indonesia 2011 [National]
  • Gold(1) – Bina Nusantara Programming Contest for High School 2010 [National]
  • Rank 1 – Programming Competition Compfest 2010 Universitas Indonesia [National]
  • Rank 1 – Bali Logic & Computer Competition 2010 Unud [Bali]
  • Winner – Informatic Logical Programming Competition 2010 Ubaya [National]
  • Silver – Olimpiade Sains Nasional 2009 bidang Informatika [National]
  • Rank 1 – Olimpiade Sains Provinsi (Bali) 2009 bidang informatika
  • Rank 1 – Olimpiade Sains Kota/Kabupaten (Denpasar) 2009 bidang Informatika
  • HM 1 – Pekan Seni Remaja (PSR) 2009 cabang Paduan Suara (Tenor) [Denpasar]
  • Rank 2 – Ms. Excel 2003 IT Competition STIKOM Bali 2009 [Bali]
  • Rank 3 – Informatic Logical Programming Competition 2009 Ubaya [National]
  • Rank 3 – National Debating Competition Scientific Atmosphere 2009 Unud [National]
  • Rank 3 – Lomba Pemrograman Komputer Olimpiade Teknik 2008 Unud [Bali]

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