Peserta didik yang memiliki bakat dalam bidang akademik tertentu bisa mengikuti klub belajar. Dalam klub belajar akan mendapatkan fasilitas yang lebih dari teman-temannya yang tidak mengikuti klub. Fasilitas tersebut berupa pembinaan oleh alumni, guru, dan pembina khusus klub dari guru bidang studi dan dosen. SMAN 4 Denpasar memiliki 11 klub belajar diantaranya Klub Biologi, Fisika, Matematika, Kimia, Astronomi, Komputer, Ekonomi, Geografi dan Kebumian, Bahasa Inggris,  Bahasa Jerman, dan Klub Bahasa Jepang.



The 3rd HC-APYLS was held from the 14th to the 23rd of July 2008. Local participants as well as foreign participants from Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, United Kingdom and United States will come together for an exciting and meaningful program that includes visits to various key installations of Singapore, tea with the President, community involvement work, outdoor sports and games, cultural exchange and shopping! Accommodation is provided by  Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School.


After we spent two and half hours in the plane that brought us toSingapore, finally we arrived inChangiInternationalAirportin various states of exhaustion as our plane was delayed for an hour. Therefore we arrived very late, just minutes into summit briefing. Nevertheless, our excitement was so infectious that even some of the facilitators, all too used to the sight of city, began to seeSingapore.


We got off to a superb start with the Opening Ceremony. After all of the participants were introduced to the rest of Hwa Chong population during the combined flag – raising ceremony, we filled into the auditorium to attend the official launch of the summit. Speeches were given by the guest of honor, Senior Minister of State Ms. Grace Fu, Ministry of National development and Ministry of Education, by the student Co- Chairperson of the summit, Leong Shi Wei. After the opening ceremony, we had tea session in the library and closed with photo taking.


Our first day was in Ministry of Defense (MINDEF), we got our rare experience into the military working ofSingapore defense, having our sight seeing to SAFTI dormitory, and finally ended with the fantastic movie complete with the sound effect of the tank and helicopter. Our next destination was Agency for Science, Technology and Research was known as A*STAR. We were amazed by many scientific marvels there; observe small animals and they allowed us to visit their laboratory,


With the business and finance theme of the day, we visit three interesting places. First we went to Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC), Ms. Sharon Koh as the Manager of the Administration and Personal Development welcomed us and explained the role of GIC inSingapore. Next we visited EDB (Economic Development Board). And got the explanation how the EDB helpedSingapore to develop economically through the marketing ofSingapore as a viable investment for large companies. Singapore Airlines was our last journey; we had the privilege of viewing the safety mock – up and the training center of the airplane crew. The good thing, we could try to sit in the first class suite of Boeing A380, which would cost S$20,000 per flight. Our night was closed by the summit dialogue.


In the morning we had Summit Dialogue Two, where Mr. Bilahari Kausikan , The Second Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the honorable speaker. Atnoon, we were very exciting to wait the chance to meet the President of Singapore, S.R. Nathan. After we passed very strict security check, we entered the presidential residence. This is the first chance we met number one person in one country. With our nervous feeling, we tried to communicate with him. We a little bit surprised that Mr. Nathan can speak Indonesian very well. He asked us so many things, and he said thatBali is a beautiful island. At last one nice painting was given to him as the souvenir from us.


We had many fun physical activities including “Zipline”, the “Challenge Pole”, rock climbing, abseiling and the challenge rope course. With some simple games, we could have good relationship with other delegates and learned about friendship. This day was closed by having lunch together with the teachers and facilitators.


After we had 5 exhausted days, we had the chance to visit world – class tourist attraction Sentosa Island.   Continuing our journey from Banquet food court in Singapore Largest Mall Vivocity, we boarded the buses tomountFaber where we traveled to Sentosa via cable car. We were a little bit afraid when we were hanging on top of the sea, but it was very fun. After got the entry ticket, which allowed us to try Skytower, which it could give us the view of the island, the Luge, Underwater world, and dolphin show.


After 1.5 km trek along the Canopy Walk of the Southern Ridges, the walk culminated in a visit toHortPark where we explored the breathtaking beauty of exquisite gardens. Our journey continued to visit NEWater Plant, we got the introduction about the process of reverse osmosis and howSingapore relies on NEWater as the source of water. Our destination ended on Pertapis Children’s Home to have some interaction with the children. These children stay in Pertapis due to domestic difficulties that prevent them from receiving proper care at home.


We had a variety interesting master classes: batik painting, Bhangra dance, Chinese calligraphy, and painting, seal carving, Chinese paper cutting and Malay dance.  The master classes were continued by a visit to Singapore Press Holding (SPH), where we got the brief introduction to what SPH did and the explanation of journalism.


The last theme day was “Economic Development”. We visited three places. Our first trip was to Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) which gave us better understanding of the urban development ofSingapore. Our next destination was Land Transport Authority (LTA) where we can learn more about local transport issues. Our day ended in Housing Development Board (HDB), we were allowed to experience life in the slums and living quarters of the past.


After we had our last breakfast in dining hall, we must catch up the Summit Dialogue 3. Atnoon, we made some preparation for the closing ceremony and also cultural exhibition. We arrived at The Legends at4.30 pm. We just had limited time to prepare the stuffs for the exhibition .Many people were interesting with our stuffs. They asked us many question aboutBali and our school. At night we had cultural performance, every delegates seemed very happy and also sad as we have to back to our country in the next day. FinallySummit was closed with closing ceremony with the honorable guest Ms. Grace Fu, as the Ministry of national development and Ministry of Education. With the finale of closing ceremony, everyone with the heavy heart should accept that theSummit come to a close. But we will remember all of memories during theSummit inSingapore, besides we had a good chance to have friend from other country. Hopefully next year our school will have another chance to join next summit.HWA CHONG ASIA PACIFIC YOUNG LEADERS SUMMIT 2008

Participant             :  Rulita Ocsifanny, Md Galang Dananjaya, Bagus Gede Krisna Astayogi                

Teacher Chaperon  :  Ni Putu Ari Kusumayanti, SS

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